Πληροφορίες αυτοκινήτου

  • Toyota Auris diesel

  • Κινητήρας Diesel / 1400 cc
  • Χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων
  • 5 θυρο
  • 5 καθίσματα
  • AC / Clima
  • Κεντρικό κλείδωμα
70,00 € / ανά ημέρα

The latest Toyota Auris isn’t the most inspiring choice in the family hatch market, but it actually does a very good job. It’s offered in petrol, diesel and hybrid forms – making it unique in this class – plus it’s reliable, cheap to run and practical. But the anonymous styling and so-so driving experience mean you’ll rarely hear an Auris owner getting excited by their car.

Still, if you’re after affordable and dependable transport with an easy ownership experience, look no further.

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