Πληροφορίες αυτοκινήτου

  • Skoda Fabia

  • Κινητήρας Diesel / 1200 cc
  • Χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων
  • 5 θυρο
  • 5 καθίσματα
  • AC / Clima
  • Κεντρικό κλείδωμα
60,00 € / ανά ημέρα

The Skoda Fabia is a well proven supermini contender that builds on the dependable nature of its predecessors with more tech and a surprisingly enjoyable drive. It’s very roomy, handles tidily, has some strong engines, while mid-spec trim and above are well stocked with kit.

The 2018 revisions didn’t transform the Fabia into the class-leader, but it still remains a refined, sensible supermini. The Polo is marginally more comfortable and gets more advanced infotainment tech, but the Skoda is cheaper to buy in the first place. Some rivals offer fancier tech, but as a safe, dependable supermini, the Fabia is still very hard to fault.

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